Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Once, Daphne the Science Guinea Pig Wanted a Tattoo

I sat down this morning to plan our trip to Canada. We just got back from a trip in North East Ohio. We went to COSI and then to Ohio Amish country. It was our “end of 7th grade” trip. My student got to pick a place and I got to pick a place. My student chose Science and industry, I chose peace, quiet and a Morris Chair.

We have been traveling to Amish country for years for serenity. Many people who travel in this area come away remembering the Amish people for their quilts and buggies, backward life style and strange dress. I don’t. In fact, I have never seen it that way. As a matter of fact, I think the Amish have the right idea. A simple life. In my opinion, they live much like the Native Americans did/do, taking only what they need from the land. I admire both groups, as I sit here at my computer.

Canada. How does one plan a trip through Eastern Canada? Last year at this time we started our journey across country. We were moving from Utah to Ohio and decided to make journey out of this chore. We had Daphne the Science Guinea Pig with us. We took her camping at Yellowstone National Park where it snowed two of the three nights we camped. That is an interesting tale, Daphne writes about it her FAQ page at our website. You can find her description of her Scientific break through under the topic of "hand warmers".

We also took Daphne to some historic hotels in Wyoming and South Dakota. We stayed at Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming and at the Historic Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City South Dakota. At the Alex Johnson, Daphne rode to our room in style on the old time brass luggage carrier, atop our duffel the duffles of several bikers. When we pulled up in front of this hotel there were about 50 classic motorcycles parked in front, many of them Harleys, some were Indians. It seems there was a very large group of bikers staying for the night as well. A great group of wandering souls. Now you are probably imagining bikers and Guinea Pigs and thinking that this is a good place to stay away from. Well, let me tell you, those bikers were some of the most interesing people I’ve ever met and Daphne the Science Guinea pig was the most interesting creature they had ever met. It was a memorable expirience, one I should have photographed but didn’t. Daphne came away with a bandana and a desire for a red and green tattoo.

Maybe I’ll plan our trip to Canada like I planned the trek across country....

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