Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On The Steps to the Launch Pad

Well. I have finally recovered from that rite-of-passage all teenage males go through.

Driving the family car, alone.

Right now The Kid is at the car dealer, on an errand for mom. The driver seat in the car has to be adjusted one way for me, another way for The Kid. Unfortunately, when that adjusting mechanism broke, it was in The Kid's setting, so off he had to go to the car dealer to have it fixed.

It was hard for me to drive the car with my head sticking out through the sunroof.

Actually, The Kid has been an excellent driver and on his own in the driver seat for a couple of months now. Between his volunteer work and now his part time job, he uses the car as much as I do, though we've managed to work out a decent schedule of sharing a single car.

The steps to the launch pad. It's been fun getting The Kid ready to launch as an adult. He took a part time summer job because he wanted to help pay for that young-male-insurance-heart-attack-sized premium that comes with the rite of passage.

In the fall he'll be driving to two classes at the local community college, another step to the launch pad....what's next?