Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Journeys in My Own Backyard: Teach Your Children Well

Me: “How would you like to go see the Rolling Stones movie at the OmniMax?”

The Kid: “ We see documentaries at the OmniMax. We learn stuff there. Why would I want to go see Mick Jagger 1,000 feet tall? Their logo came from somewhere.”

Me: “Sigh.” “How would you like to learn about how your mom spent, wait, misspent some of her youth?”

This was the deal sealer. The Kid was very interested in this idea.

It wasn’t Mick I wanted to see, anyway. I wanted to see Keith Richards 1,000 feet tall. I have always been a fan of Keith Richards.

Our local OmniMax has just been renovated and they were having special showings of The Rolling Stones, during their Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle Tour, shot on location in Turin, Berlin and London. The show was pretty good and a great introduction to what a concert was like for mom when she was a teen. The performance included such classics as “Satisfaction,” “Ruby Tuesday” and “Start Me Up.” The showing was very loud and there was much eye-rolling from The Kid. His tolerance of “my music” was greatly enhanced when I told him to focus real intensely on Mr. Richards and think “Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man’s Chest”, Boostrap-Bill. The light went on and the rest is history. We had common ground for the moment, though I have to admit, I borrowed the Kid’s iPod once and there were some Stones on it. I guess the Music History classes are sinking in.

And he thinks he wants to go to a Buffett concert....