Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Book Burners and a Rare White Buffalo

There are days when my email is just loaded with all kinds of goodies. I can join in a debate going on between left and right-wing homeschoolers about a list of books that should not be read, I can get directions to go see a rare white buffalo , I can track those items I ordered from LL Bean.

The living gets easy when I’m winding down the school year. Well, I never actually ring the “dismissal” bell at our school, we just switch gears from being bookworms to traveling fools.

We have our list for this summer. COSI is at the top, followed closely by Niagara Falls , Quebec City , Prince Edward Island. We also want to buy those kayaks and spend a few days at a lake, maybe near the white buffalo's farm, learning all the “stuff” we’ll need to know to take them to Cabbage Key this winter. Yep, our summer is planned. Now if we could just finish the work in the Algebra book!