Sunday, June 06, 1999

Welcome to our weB LOG - BLOG!

How you feelin?

We learned the meaning of this word in the West Indies. It means nice, right, cool in Patois. Patois is a Jamaican language but it is spoken all over the Caribbean. Irie is one of our favorite words.

At our house it starts with an idea from a book, a video, junk mail, a movie a photo. It goes something like this.

"Let's go to the Amazon."

The look.

"Well, how about a remote island that you can only get to by boat?"

Google is our friend. I have a travel budget and I fund that pot early in the year, so if this sort of request comes early enough in the year, we may end up in the Amazon or Bora Bora. If this suggestion comes when the pot is almost empty, we may end up on a local lake. We have travelin' feet and it doesn't take much to get us on the road.....

Welcome to our blog spot at Travel is an important element of our homeschool, it adds the depth to the extensive reading we enjoy. Travel also adds to our knowledge of society and culture, here in the USA and abroad. With each new advance in technology, the world becomes a more manageable, intimate place. The kids we are homeschooling today are the leaders, entrepreneurs and inventors of tomorrow. They need to be comfortable in the world, they need to recognize that people are basically the same everywhere and what better way to help that along than to make the world your classroom!

Happy Trails!