Friday, April 29, 2005

Mount a trolling motor on your kayak

I saw at your website that you were going to host a “Beginners Kayak/Canoe Clinic” on May 22. Is this information current? Do I need a reservation?

"Yes the dates are current. I prefer for people to pre-register for the clinics. Just give John a call at the shop and he will take your information."
Thanks, April

When we were at Cabbage Key, Florida in February, we wished for a kayak many of the days. Cabbage Key is accessible only by boat, helicopter or seaplane and is located 20 miles northwest of Ft. Myers and 5 miles south of Boca Grande. (For sailors, Cabbage Key is directly across from marker 60 on the Florida Intercoastal Waterway.

Sanibel and Captiva islands are 8 miles to the south.) There are no cars on the island, not even a paved road. You find winding nature trails, picturesque views and relaxation. And after our school days were done, that’s what we did, relax.

On about the 6th day of our stay we saw the ultimate kayak. It was a touring kayak that had a fishing boat trolling motor attached. I couldn’t believe it. These two people had taken relaxing to the ultimate level. They were in the middle of the bay sporting fishing hats, in motorized touring kayaks stalking snooks. If they hadn’t been so far away from shore I would have inquired about the idea of cup holder on board the kayak. As part of my research into a kayak purchase, I “googled” “Mount a trolling motor on your kayak”. The search actually yielded interactions to accomplish this feat.

I have decided that a motorized kayak is not the thing to do. We are going to learn how to kayak the old fashioned way with a paddle. Apparently this requires instruction, we’re scheduling a lesson in May.